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Authorities, leaders and young athletes, together for the future of sport. Authorities, leaders and young athletes, together for the future of sport. COA Press
With a demonstration of gymnastics, a series of videos with images of different Games and the words of the president of the Argentine Olympic Committee (COA), Gerardo Werthein, Secretary of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation of La Nación, Carlos Javier Mac Allister, and Carlos Siffredi, was officially inaugurated by the Sports Technical Manager of the National Entity for High Performance Sports (ENARD).   Campus 2018 - Educational, Sports and Evaluative, in which they participate   The 530 young athletes who make up the Buenos Aires 2018 Program, in an emotional act carried out in the sports gym of CeNARD.
After the stanzas of the national anthem were sung, and the flag-bearers of all provinces and athletes Sebastián Crismanich, Juan Curuchet and Walter Pérez, bearing the national, Olympic and Games signs respectively, Gerardo Werthein congratulated Javier Mac Allister for having been "the alma mater for all this could be done" and addressed the athletes saying that "Javier saw in this an opportunity for all of you to have an experience and could integrate and participate in a multi-sport event, which not only It's about sport, they also have a small sense of what is going to happen in the Olympic Village and during the Youth Olympic Games, where they will gather boys from all over the world to compete. But it is not just about competing, because the essence of the Games is integration without discrimination. You are the future, they are going to represent us around the world and they will be the heroes of the boys that precede them. And that helps prevent the great scourges that our society has . "
The president of the COA also made special thanks to the Minister of Education and Sports of the Nation, Esteban Bullrich, "for the support that always gives the Argentine sport, for being always present and for believing in these Games, the whole team of the ENARD and the COA, and all the teachers who are working with the boys . "
Following the exhibition offered by the gymnasts, Javier Mac Allister thanked "all the boys who today are seen as the future figures of Argentine sport and who are preparing to arrive in the best way possible to their maximum sporting level. For us, from the first day, CeNARD represents the home of the elite athlete of Argentina. Therefore, the first thing we did was to value these Games, because the first thing is the athletes and we want to give them the best conditions so that they can develop their sports career. We want to carry out a federal program that includes all the provinces and gives opportunities to all the boys in Argentina . "
The secretary of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation of La Nación said that "we see in sports the great partner of education. Thus, in a few years, many more boys will have better education, better values ��and more possibilities. Within the sport, because thanks to him he learns to be supportive, to help his partner, to accompany him and not to leave him alone. You also learn what is the effort with enthusiasm to be able to compete at the highest level and then to perform in life. That is why we made the decision to associate education with sport and we believe we are on the right track . "
Finally, Carlos Siffredi said that "we decided to carry out this project and we designed a plan summoning the best. Today we can say that thanks to this work, half the population of boys born between 2000 and 2001 was observed. Of them, we chose 8000, who participated in 27 camps and selected the best performers. The final phase of this program is being carried out in this Campus, where the best youth athletes are in charge of excellent coaches, scientists, sports professionals and volunteers .
The sports technical manager of the ENARD added that "very soon we will live the Youth Games in Buenos Aires, which are fundamentally educational and aim to build a better society from the sport. We are sure that the sport is going to help all of you to grow better, to be healthier, better people since every time you listen to the Argentinean anthem, anywhere in the world, you feel very proud . "
The governors of Salta and San Juan, Juan Manuel Urtubey and Sergio Uñac; The Ministers of Education and Sports of the Nation, Esteban Bullrich; Of Agroindustry, Ricardo Buryaile; And Transportation, Guillermo Dietrich; The director of SEDRONAR, Roberto Moro; The Vice-Presidents, the Secretary-General and the Minutes Secretary (and Director of ENARD) of the COA. Alicia Masoni de Morea, Hugo Rodríguez Papini, Mario Moccia and Carlos De Mare, respectively, and the CEO of the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games, Leandro Larrosa, were the main authorities who accompanied Mac Allister and Werthein at the event.
The ENARD talent selection plan began in January 2014 with the aim of detecting young people with physical and technical skills to join the Argentine delegation that will represent us at the III Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games 2018.
The Argentine Olympic Committee (COA) and the Organizing Committee of Buenos Aires 2018 (BAYOGOC) through a Cultural and Educational Program will be in charge of transmitting to the young athletes the formative values ��in olympic matter. "Competing, learning and sharing" is the proposal of the COA and BAYOGOC for the participants. The Cultural and Educational Program will not only be aimed at athletes but also at trainers. In addition, there will be encounter and play activities with the aim of creating bonds and strengthening the concept of belonging, team and national identity.
The evaluation will be carried out by CeNARD through the Department of Applied Sciences, the Laboratories of Physiology and Functional Evaluation, and the different medical areas, which will complement and deepen the process begun in 2016, with the objective of evaluating the health status of Boys and their physical abilities.
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